Building blockchain bridges in southeastern Africa

Our trip to Mauritius was very short – yet intense and very empowering. We have had the utmost pleasure to meet so many inspiring people during the Building Blockchain Bridges mission to Mauritius. Now back in Switzerland, we are reminiscing and reflecting on our quick journey to Port Louis.

In line with the theme of the discussions, it is safe to say that building bridges we did. We discussed with Mauritian government representatives and local businesses as well as students to better understand their initiatives and ideas, progress to date of digital transformation in Africa and to flesh out the pillars of a successful tech and start-up ecosystem. One of the objectives of the Cardano Foundation is to help build and improve blockchain governance. And it is admirable to see how an island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean is blazing a trail.

It was impressive to see how dedicated everyone is – especially the Mauritian youth – to build a leading blockchain hub and how eager the students are to learn. Blockchain is not just a technology, it is also an economic empowerment vehicle. I am so proud to be an active part of these discussions and it was my honor to represent the Cardano Foundation in this southeastern African country – almost 9,000 kilometers away from Zürich.

A big thank you to the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa, the Government of Mauritius, the African Leadership College and the University of Mauritius for hosting us and for providing a platform to exchange and learn from each other. Heartfelt gratitude to all organizers and especially to the amazing individuals of our Swiss delegation in Mauritius. It amazed me to see the dedication and support of each person.

Our visit to Mauritius is a signal that the Cardano Foundation is open to working with African countries to establish robust governance policies, assess existing laws and policies, and this is just the beginning.

Hinrich and I are very grateful that the Cardano Foundation was part of this mission and we look forward to future collaborations with Mauritius and beyond.

P.S.: It was sunny, wonderfully warm, tropical and beautiful in Port Louis – just in case you were wondering. :wink: