Buy lunch or ADA?

So I just went out and spent about $9 on lunch and all I could think was " man, I could have bought around 180-200 ADA with that!"
So at 5 days a week that’s a good chunk of extra ADA.
So starting tomorrow i’m going to pack my lunch and buy ADA instead. Going to try and do this till Christmas time.
Anyone else want to take the lunch challenge?


haha thats a really cool idea man! :smile:

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Sweet! @SeanAlimov should share his story with you about how he used a similar approach (kind of) to aquire more Ada.
It’s important for our community members to hold Ada as we approach Gougen and Voltaire development cause ultimately our Ada will be our voting power within the ecosystem’s platform at some point and those of us who care about the future of Ada really need to have a voice that makes a difference in that time.
( Don’t starve yourself over the issue though :wink:)


Cool idea man!

Make sure to buy yourself a steak when staking begins

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Ha love it. That was a Rare pun. :grinning:
I’m thinking wagyu steak to go with stealing.

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Stupid autocorrect staking

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Waygu is next to the best, :drooling_face: