Buying SingularityNET Tokens via Cardano


I am new to the crypto world entering it via joining the SingularityNET. I discovered Cordona from the news of SingulairityNET starting to move there from Etherium. Basically, I want to buy AGI tokens and if I can do this via Cordona instead of Etherium, directions in how to do this would be appreciated. Please respond as if I am the crypto dummie that I am at this point. I have a cold storage Ledger Nano X in the mail (no future Kucoin for me!) a government approved agent to make my Canadian dollars into Bitcoin and from there had thought needed to use Etherium to buy the AGI tokens? Can I do this via Cordona instead of Etherium? Is it possible to buy Ada directly instead of Bitcoin and use that to pay to buy the AGIs. If I sound confused, the truth has been revealed. A helping hand would be appreciated.


It’s not yet possible to directly exchange Ada for AGI. You can buy AGI (or ADA) with bitcoin from kucoin or Binance.

Thanks for helping last time. Would you help me more?!

So the Bitcoin is about to be bought, I have a Nano x in the mail, and my Binance is ready to buy ADA / AGI. Wondering which app for ADA to use and can I put my AGI on the ADA app or do I need a separate app for that? I just watched the attached video. A marriage made in heaven!

RobinCardano and SingularityNET - The SAI Double Helix Emerges

Watch this video for Cardano. Not sure about AGI:

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AGI is currently an Ether token, they plan to move to cardano, but that process is not completed yet. You will likely need a second wallet for each. If you are determined to hold them both in the same wallet, you might want to try Trust Wallet, but I’m not even sure if that uses Ada, or if it’s wrapped ada on binance chain… may be more confusing for you. Stick with Yoroi wallet or Daedalus wallet for holding your ADA

Perfect, thank-you. I plan to buy ether so my nano should cooperate to store this to buy AGI and I have both Yoroi and Daedalus ready to go for the ADA. Thanks for all tube help. Hopely I get my money from the kinappers in the next few business days and can get moving learning what staking means!

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some more recent details here: