Recommendations / Help for Singaporean Users

Hi all!
Just newly joined this community and I’m stoked at the progress that is coming for Cardano in the coming months/years.

I’m Singaporean and using Coinhako to execute my trades. They do not, however, have the functionality to withdraw ADA at the moment and I’m dying to stake my Ada.

Anybody Singaporeans here who can recommend a platform that can use SGD from local banks and can also allow withdrawal to the various wallets?

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question!

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Sorry, realised that I wasn’t being very inclusive above. Anyone, not just Singaporeans, can recommend a platform that can use SGD from local banks and can also allow withdrawal to the various wallets?


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Hi @archnecro3 ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Could you try to use Binance Singapore → Buy Bitcoin in Singapore | Binance Singapore ?

I use Binance, it should be fine. Or Coinbase also suppport ADA now.

Hope it helps.

Thanks! I’ll try it out. Not sure if Binance allows direct transfer of funds from bank account to Binance exchange to do purchases tho. Nonetheless really appreciate the reply!

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Hi @archnecro3 . In Binance Germany, I could use direct transfer from bank account to Binance (in EUR). And in Binance Indonesia, we could also do direct transfer using IDR to Binance. It should be the same thing with Binance Singapore.

Wish you a success!

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I just saw this post. I too am based in Singapore and can probably share with you some methods to buy/sell ADA in Singapore. If you are using SGD cash to buy, you need to buy an intermediate crypto (e.g. Litecoon) first from an exchange that accepts fiat. I recommend Gemini. You then need to transfer your intermediate currency to a larger exchange that sells Cardano like Binance International. Note that you can’t use Binance Singapore as they don’t have Cardano. I wrote the general steps down in my blog here: How to Earn Passive Income with Cardano – WISH Pool by Blockchain Lens

If you find this useful, pls consider delegating to my pool (WISH Pool). Have a nice day!


Thanks for the reply. Was fumbling around for a few weeks and didn’t read the forum!

Just found out another way to get ADA into Yoroi wallet. I used coins on Coinhako that could be sent like DAI or Zil (recommend Zil cuz much lower fees) and sent it to be swapped on ChangeNow ( into ADA. This ADA will then be deposited into Yoroi.

Can finally stake, woots! Anybody know any other more cost efficient methods would love to hear about it too. Share around so more people based in Singapore can start staking!

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Same here!
Super frustrated after I knew that CH can’t send Ada to Yoroi.
May I know how you did the exchange. I wouldn’t want to withdraw now as prices are dipping.
Thank you!

Hey @Andik_Gomez , I swapped ADA I had in CH into Zil, then I carried out a swap on to change Zil into ADA to be deposited into my Yoroi Wallet. A bit convulated, but that’s the only way I know now. You will also lose some of your ADA during this process. For ADA purchases now, I always buy Zil on CH to be transferred via changenow into my Yoroi Wallet. Hope this helps!

All the best!

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Thanks, will try out!
Have a good shopping crypto week !