Any fast way to convert fiat with crypto in Singapore?


Does any one know any credible way to convert fiat to crypto in Singapore?

Coinbase is not accepting credit card and we cannot do bank transfer here
Gemini is still pending my application 1 month back
Changenow is still testing credit card

I want to buy ADA but need to buy ETH or BTC first to exchange.

Ding Quan

Hi @Dingquan try - global peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange - there are traders operating in Singapore

DQ, Set up a regular checking account with your bank and use a debit card that comes with the account. Coinbase still takes debit as far as I know.

ok thks. will check it out for credibility!

ok thks. will try with debit card.

Hi DQ,

Good day.

I want to buy from coinbase also, when I called my debit card’s provider,
she mentioned that Monetary Authority of Singapore blocked the transaction
and DBS/POSB are aware of this issue. I’m not sure how credible is this though.

BTW, regarding your query, you can purchase from local bitcoin miners/enthusiasts from @rohan’s recommendation. Be careful transacting though. :slight_smile: hope you can buy your first crypto.


Once you got your Eth/BTC, join to trade ADA.

@Dingquan, I am based in Singapore as well, and so far the best way to invest in Crypto has turned out to be Local Bank (DBS, in my case) > >

  1. Send USD into Gemini account (I would recommend doing overseas remit via DBS; for now, international remittance has zero fees.)
  2. Buy BTC/Ether (Gemini fees are at 0.25%)
  3. Send BTC or Ether to your trading platform of choice (it’s Binance in my case)
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thks opanai. will check it out.

Hi Siddharth, thanks for advise. I have Gemini account pending verification (waiting for > 1 month).

Drop their support an email with the details on how long it’s been pending verification. Should get approved within a week.