Bye 2018, anything you want to say to Cardano?

Feel free to say anything you want to say to Cardano here!!!

Happy 2019!!


I was looking at a year-end review about crypto. While values dropped, blockchains continued to see good volumes. Neither volume nor forks broke them. 2019 will be all about who you trust and who you don’t trust. Do you trust Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon. Do you trust governments. Which blockchains do you trust to handle growth, transparency and governance.

On that note, I share this graph showing Ada’s volume compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Yes, Ada is lower, but it remained stable. As staking transitions, I’m keeping an eye on volume and reliability in 2019.


Very happy and thankful to be here. There are a lot of highlights to choose from this year and obvious thanks to the good people at IOHK and Emurgo for doing what they do but the participation of the community was what impressed me the most this year.

The emergence of the Guardians and the Cardano Effect are two great examples of that.

Thanks all.

I’m sure 2019 will have it’s challenges geopolitically as well as in the Cardanosphere, but I go into it with a lot of hope and positive expectations based on the contributions of all involved here.


IOHK and Emurgo shipped all kinds of good news as leadership changed at the Foundation. The white paper on side chains is good (I don’t have a PhD so I cant read it) but the fact that details are being published is good.


It’s been a hell of a year. Good. Bad and the Ugly. But most of all, it has been a very educational year for me.

We started 2018 with a lot of optimism and with a lot of people in this space. I remember twitter in early days. There was a constant barrage of crypto-tweets. Now there are not too many, but at least we have quality.

The same goes to the quality of people. Look to your left then to your right. Remember their names (nicks)… because in 2-3 years, you will bond with them remembering 2018, over a glass of martini (stirred but not shaken!) somewhere in Puerto Rico.

Remember: smart money = dumb money that has gone through a bear market.

It is truly an honor to be a part of this community!

Best of luck in 2019!


You too adafan :slight_smile: Community definitively matured during 2018 in many ways.


Happy New Year to the true believers of this project! There are many great things to come in the not-so-distant future. <3


Read this nugget on a Crypto Facebook group about Cardano, “No hype. Just deep mathematical proofs turned into executable code.”

Plus a new foundation and upcoming ambassadors to market all that technical goodness in 2019.


Though the prices collapse left and right :money_mouth_face: this is the needed Crypto-Winter where scams, unrealistic projects and overhyped stuff freeze to death and only the strong ones with great vision will remain! Cardano is proving it is one of the strong ones, the community has yet to become united and big, but what I see is a great future ahead! :partying_face:
Way less FUD, speculation in here and focus on the things that really matter: technology, sustainability and much more…Cardano is no Charles Hoskinson Personal Cult Hype train…he is great, but Cardano is so much more

Looking forward to what 2019 will bring! :tada::tada:
Stay positive…ADA is something that still has its peak use ahead! :ada:


Money talks,we want to see great Cardano work reflected on the scoreboard

Yes,l feel very educational.l have lost.In the beginning l would panic and sell even after recently buying.But now l view the experience of losing as good.Now l am into Cardano, and do not panic when l am down. I am calm and focused on long term.

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Get off your ass! :rofl:

How do you guys keep the motivation up at Cardano, IOHK and the Foundation? Seems an appreciation dinner and party are in order,you guys have all done and are doing amazing work! Keep it up! Maybe a Charles best beard competition too!? LOL