Bye for now

Not here to complain but to thank all IOHK team and members of this forum. As I said early (and sorry for saying it again) I lost both the seed phrase and the spending password. This is the worse senario in Crypto I guess. My apartment room burned and all the important documents in it.

For those you are still reading and maybe in the same position this is waht I am gonna do. I have created a Excel file to store every password I try in the Wallet, I will continuo to do this in hope of finding the right one. I will wait for Daedalus 3.3.0 for the import and them start my Password storm.

Keep this codes safe and in diferent places also! They are the heart of your investment.

I didin’t lose hope, I think I will find it as it was I who wrote it in the first place. So if you are in the same position as I am, don’t panic we do have time.

The reason why I decided to share this post is to everyone in the same position don’t lose hope, you can find it!

And who knows, maybe one day I return to this forum to learn they found a way to help people like me, Crypto keeps evolving and evolving so maybe one they someone well help you find it somehow.

Thank you again for all you support and all the good wishes.

Wishing you the best of luck, and hope you consider being a part of the community in the future when the time is right for you…
I’m sure there were many who bought bitcoin at 10 cents and lost it all at $1, and decided never to touch it again. Sorry for your temporary setback, which I’m sure is a major turning point in your life. However as you start over, consider the long term potential of crypto and Ada. Time is on your side.

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@Isacc, dear colleague:

I have read your words with affliction, but I am very happy to see that what happened does not affect your mood and you plan to continue searching. Hope is the last thing to be lost. My best and sincere wishes that in the future you will return with excellent news.

Greetings and best of luck.

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You don’t need to wait, you can download daedalus flight right now and you have the possibility to restore your old wallet by importing files… good luck to find your password!