C4S Cardano for Seniors was voted in for F8

First off this GreyHair would personally like to thank everyone in Cardano for voting in F8 and special Kudos to those who approved our Project.

Our mission is to help educate Seniors about DeFi and Risk Management with a platform tailored to how Seniors learn. We will have a bias towards the relative safety of Cardano.

We would like the entire community to be included in this project as it may (a play on an old adage) take an entire community to educate our Seniors.

To begin this journey we are asking you to input suggestions towards our educational agenda and topics. What do you think is important?

Cardano for Seniors

Name: C4S
Description: Education for Seniors about DeFi and specifically Cardano

**We are looking for Community Suggestions for topics, interest, segments, people to interview,etc.

Reason: YouTube educational vids for Grey Hairs as we develop our programs.


Perhaps, the very first thing should be the “Do you really want to do this?” topic. Brutally honest. Of course, stating the obvious: “Only put money in there that you are prepared to completely lose.” Maybe, also citing the more elaborate critics of cryptocurrencies, probably leading to: “Even after a decade, it’s still open if this will be successful, if it is really needed for something.”

Not only for grey-hairs, one of the first things should also be a not too shallow introduction on what really happens on blockchains – transactions signed by keys, wallet apps, wallets (which can be in many wallet apps in parallel), seed phrases, key derivation, hardware wallets, …

Security is especially hard to communicate, even outside of crypto space. Distinguishing “This is legitimate.”, “This might be legitimate, although it’s really badly worded, formatted, …”, and “This is clearly scam/fraud! Delete immediately!” is something that I can do, but I can hardly explain to my grey-haired parents (whom I won’t bring into crypto, but it’s the same for basic online shopping safety).


My former career ( before farming, when I actually made $) was a Risk Manager, Broker, Advisor,Tax person. We had programs for Seniors. I am now (proudly (because most mammals do not make it to this age) a greyhair) attempting to create a program to provide Education and Risk management tools to Seniors.

Our first segments planned are on Security, Fraud , etc. I like you PSA approach.

All ideas I think, especially for Seniors should be brutally honest. Science has demonstrated Seniors learn and absorb differently, than when we are 30-50s. We want to create a language ELI65 so the messages get absorbed. And, with the Senior population predicted to double Globally, we want to get ahead of the curve. I mean look what just happened with a “Stable” coin project. Perhaps that term should be discontinued.


Yes… our long time use of the words “stable” about certain coins, especially with the word “dollar”, has always invited regulatory backlash in the influential USA: especially now in light of recent events. I’ve preferred the term “pegged coin” for this reason.

Actually that might be another good topic in addition to the ones contirbuted in previous forum discussion: Regulatory activity, and how it influences outlook for cryptocurrencies. (Perhaps even a bit how authoritarian agendas & government mandates for capital control are often rebranded as “consumer protection”.)

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Pegged Coin is a better term. Thank you for your response and suggestions.

The entire issue of Regulation, Government intervention/Control/Oversite can and will be a solid segment.

The team is excited about this project and held a meeting today to explore opportunities now that Catalyst has voted to fund our project. My sister who is the co-founder, degree in Tech, and almost a GreyHair said when informed of funding “shit this is getting real”. We we surprised!

Way before funding, before Proposal writing we explored Senior learning techniques and suitable topics - it was a few months ago. The DeFi world has dramatically altered due to the UST issue. So, we really delved into our mission at today’s meeting and grew our team by 66% (2 newbies) one a GreyHair and one a Millennial.

Our primary purpose is educating Seniors about DeFi in a language targeted to their absorption spectrum!

Thank you for your suggestions which are now in our topic queue. We did obtain URLs and a website will be popping up soon. Please look for it’s announcement and for the announcement on our other Socials for C4S.

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One of the best ways to educate Seniors (me being one of them) Is to have someone we can call to get help. They can tell us which buttons to push


Pack1 -Do you mean like a concierge service?

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Well I think throughout history PSA’s(Public Service Announcements) always had a number people could call into for more information or to get the help/information they sought. I know from my own experience most Seniors avoid any service that doesn’t have a real human being attached to it. A possible issue I foresee could be a lack of ability getting a rep on the phone if they have an issue with their wallets. I know my anxiety gets pumping when something(no matter how minor) seems to be going askew with my wallets.

Of course a concierge service is a whole step above a PSA and would cost more. However, that could be a good way to allow Seniors to get an actually person on the phone and go through all of their concerns while still getting the P2P service they are used to. There is also something ritzy that could be attractive about a crypto wallet with a concierge service. Unfortunately, that opens a whole slew of other issues like crypto wallet privacy and security that would need to be a addressed.

Education through service could be interesting. That however would require a whole different setup.

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Education through service could be interesting

That is a great thought and in line with the Cardano4Seniors Fund 8 proposal that was recently funded by a strong vote count. I think educational material targeted to Seniors with strong Risk Management emphasis is needed. Especially, to widen #$ADA acceptance by a fast growing demographic. This IMHO would also help to boost the valuation of ADA, if that is important to the Community.

Thanks for your positive feedback and look for our follow up proposal in F9 as stated in our F8 Proposal.

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I will be following your progress closely.