Pleas review the very first Animation educational segment per our follow up f9 proposal to our f8 funding. Let us know what your thought are and how to improve. This is The Genesis of our public platform which has a deliverable of November 2022. Please support our F9 proposals as we build the Cardano Community Platform to educate Seniors in Risk Management.


nicely engaging & hopefully that will get you all the support you need on Catalyst :star_struck: … interesting the term “Cardano” is not pronounced consistently (currently reading as carDAYno at 00:40) :thinking:

Second time using the platform. About 2 hours in. Big learning curve. Will get better. This is the type of animation we are looking at for our second phase if we get funding. The story line and lip sync can be translated to a number of different languages to educate the global Seniors about Risk Management.

You are one of the first to view. How was our character selection? Storyline?

Other suggestions for improvement?

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I think it’s completely consistent with the last discussion thread we had here on the Forum about it. So far the animated characters are diverse enough to be considered “inclusive” by even the mad media standards today.

The particular topic serves well as an introduction because (from regular talks with seniors in my own neighbourhood to help people understand cryptocurrency) the main interest of the 70+ age group is to avoid unrecoverable loss: making security vs. scams, fraud, and theft the highest priority. :sunglasses: