Cardano4Seniors at Consensus

As co-founder of C4S and recently F8 funded Proposal for developing an Educational platform with emphasis on Risk Management I am headed to Consensus. I want the Community to know this trip is being funded personally and we are not using Catalyst funds.

Thanks to Nihn Trahn of Snapbrilla I was able to secure a free ticket. We are seeking a second so another team member ( my son Kevin) can also attend. If you can help - thanks!

While there, what recommendations would you suggest for us to make the most of our trip to learn how to educate Seniors about DeFi, Cryptocurriencies and Cardano?

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Hey Headelf! I’m glad you are attending the Consensus. Have fun in Austin and take lots of picture to share. Are you posting on any socials?

The C4S (Cardano for Seniors) community hub is going to be an interesting educational project. I’m looking forward to supporting you as best I can.


Thank you! Appreciate the nice words. Got to meet Lord Walcott! Outstanding!


Tom Frey
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