The Verdict - Should Seniors get involved in CNFTs?

Cardano4Seniors a F8 project attended CNFT Con in Las Vegas. It started a half year, thousands of dollars private research project. Are NFTs or more importantly CNFTs “safe” for Seniors. Built on earlier interviews with a number of projects at CNFT con, I went down the Rabbit Hole, into the Jungle, the Deep Sea, drank some (extra) Whisky, looked at outer space and meta verses and bought some Cardano Vaults all in order to understand how and how to safely get involved with projects in Cardanos vibrant NFT market. All with an eye on Risk Management for Seniors. I did not produce a subsequent vid on CNFTs for about 6 months while I researched, bought and sold thousands of dollars of NFTs. I reached my conclusion and have produced a video with my verdict.

Please watch this video and let me know your thoughts. Thank you -?Tommy

C4S - Cardano4Seniors Conclusion CNFT video - Should Seniors get involved? - The verdict.


Nice video and sound, balanced advice.

None of my senior friends / family have shown much interest in learning about NFTs yet. They are still not yet fully believing in the future value of Ada. And, after talking to me, they would be paranoid to put money into anything in “robbery forrest” Ethereum land.

I believe NFTs will come of age when they have real world utility. Then people will not even know they own them because the NFTs are just how the application works. Projects like NEWM are showing the way and I can’t wait for Cardano Swaps or AXO’s similar concept to take off.

Then I will be looking forward to all the Boomer generation asking the Companies they hold stocks in: Why do share registries even exist when tokenisation of share holdings could enable immediate on-chain voting and transparency about number of issued shares as well as how many are shorted?

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I enjoyed this video a lot, Tommy; I really value your perspective. Thank you!
I miss having you around… come visit me at Cardano Over Coffee!!!