Cabal installation

Yeah honestly, no idea what I am doing here!! haha. Why do I have .localbin repeating itself over and over? I was just trying to check the echo $PATH and it comes up with this

Hi! Is there a chance that you have accidentally exported all that to your path?

How would I check that? If that were the case wouldnt all of that need to be a real path?

Actually that is what you would do with echo $PATH. It will show you the content of your PATH variable. It might have been a script that you run or some other error that has filled it with duplicates. I found someone with the same error and some suggested fixes at bash - $PATH is filled with duplicates - Super User.

It might still work as you have it now if all the formatting is correct, but it would be better to have it clean and readable for you in case you need to check it sometimes. I also found a nice article about the PATH variable on medium if you want to read more.

Hope it fixes your problem! :slight_smile: