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We have updated our Cardano articles for 2023!

Our best Cardano wallet article now counts 19 wallets.
The call for the developers to create light wallets last year was a full success. We believe Eternl team did the best job when it comes to development. Typhon wallet is amazing and a bit underrated among users :slight_smile: Congrats to Nami for the first wallet connect, and Gero for providing a wide range of user experiences, token, NFTs…

Since we believe in self-custody, the Cardano staking article points to the usage of the Cardano wallets, and not the exchanges, which are not doing good for the decentralization of the network with their stake pools either.

In the Cardano NFTs, we cover the main questions, like the difference between Cardano NFTs minted on the blockchain and Ethereum ones using the smart contract and the lower transaction fees. List of the most popular CNFT marketplaces, congrats to for grabbing, we believe, 95% of the trading volume.

Since was primarily built for Cardano a long time ago, we would like to give more exposure for free to the projects contributing to the Cardano ecosystem development as we did for our friends TapTools, so feel free to contact us.

Big greetings to the Zyroxa gatekeeper of Cardano forum :slight_smile:


Typhon Wallet is the best wallet for new people to Cardano, even blockchain. It just makes sense.


We decided to shorten the list a bit to make it less confusing for the newcomers. @gjlite we named Typhon the best Cardano browser extension wallet, but Nami as the best for beginners. I think the Ledger Nano X still provides the best value for the price (tell us your experience with the Stax), and the Trezor Model T the best one when it comes to security.