Calls for Research - Block Chain and Poverty Reduction Policy and Practice

Hello All,

I work for an INGO and am eager to explore how blockchain technology may be harnessed to alleviate poverty - in the global south. I would like to conduct a research project in this field and I am looking for collaborators. Perhaps you have a Research Question or have published ‘calls for research’ in this space. The topic is broad and this is intentional.

The research would be mixed-methods, to collect qualitative and quantitative data focussed in a rural setting. The aim is to establish a problem space:

  • Inability to trace agricultural produce from field to plate
  • No secure method of recording and communicating carbon captured in biomass (I.e. in Agroforestry)
  • Informal land rights (in the global south, land is routinely divided between brothers every generation)
  • Etc…

Once the problem space has been established and graded, we would aim to understand solutions and whether or not it makes sense for blockchain technology to form part of such solutions.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Kind Regards
Sukhdev Kandhola