Can anything be done to help small pool operators as the ADA price rises

I hear you and I am on the same boat like you.
I share the same frustration and we need to make a change together. There are hundreds of SPO like us. I mean for how long we can stay like this?


Till the delegators will understand that supporting small pool will help the decentralization of Cardano!

In this way you are thinking, I think Ada can finish like EOS, centralised with few big players. I am also small pool operator with no block so far, I have lot of friends, who would like to stake cardano with me, but I have no chance even start to grow my own pool. I will try luck another couple months, and than what I can do is stake with some big player, who will create pool no.10. This is sad.

If you ever retire why not stake with another small stake pool?

In the case that I can no longer support running my pool, I already have decided on a few small pools that will delegate my ADA. I will never support any big player!

There are always bigger and smaller , same as there are better and worse, young and old players, … you name it. It is natural for any human activity a not bad per se.
The task for IOG now and for us all later when governance transfers to the user base is to make sure the playing field is fair.
Thus the smaller pools can keep the big ones from getting greedy by being able to offer similar rewards.

Unfortunately it is not the case at the moment. A small pool 340 + 0% fee offers the same rewards as a big pool with 340 + 40% fee.

I keep my hopes for the Alonzo hardfork and corresponding parameters change.

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Thats not how economy works. If the system is based on people being altruistic, this thing will collapse quicker than you can say “decentralized”.

Possibly we can organize as small pool owners, by committing all our funds into 1 pool and sharing the profits from that. Once it grows we can add more pools to it.

Do you know what those will be? Any rumours?
I pulled most of my plegde, and staking on a big node as for now. Will keep the node up as a learning experiment though.

Nope, I am affraid.

Did you know this exact mechanism is already built into Cardano? It’s called delegating.

Delegating is for people who have too little stake to make blocks consistently on their own.

Not sure why everybody thinks they should be running a pool losing money. It’s just poor decision making.

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Interesting perspective. I’ll keep that in mind.

Was watching the Stake Pool School videos and the speaker was talking about the point of pledges, which is to prevent Sybil Attacks. It sounds like it’s a necessary thing. It’s also not beneficial to the blockchain and counter-productive to proof-of-stake if one person (or organization) or a small group of individuals are the only ones validating the blocks. I wonder if IOHK is doing anything with their algorithm to prevent this.

Why you don’t think that you need more nodes everyday for a better decentralization ?

You seem to be misunderstanding how proof of stake works. The network fails giving blocks to people without stake. Giving every node that shows up a bunch of blocks isn’t decentralization. If it worked your way it would end up quite centralized.