Can anything be done to help small pool operators as the ADA price rises

No I get it. We’re talking percentage returns as you said.
My main thesis about Cardano stake pools is that there cannot be an infinite amount of them. If low pledges were rewarded than we would have countless pools. Too many to be sustainable for the system. In my opinion.

Unfortunately, the best time to get in was a year ago.

Infinite is such a large number to grasp :slight_smile: But imagine cardano has 50.000 pools. Now also imagine that 30.000 of them are not high quality pools not being operated properly. In de coming months P2P is being released and from what I learned (correct me if I am wrong) the “hottest” nodes will be added to a list that others will be able to use as relays. The nodes that do not perform move to a “cold” list. So in that sense the 30.000 bad nodes will not be bothering the network at all since they would just be servers hosted somewhere mostly. Again correct me if I am wrong.
On the flipside Cardano would be having 20.000 good nodes what would be incredibly good from a decentralization and geographic distribution stand point. Also with the upcoming hydra the speed of the network would be very high.
Finally, one could even argue that currently quite a few SPO’s start with a pool with low pledge (say 1k) believing/hoping they will succeed to get 30m of delegations. Well by implementing this proposal they know they wont. since the max they can get with good returns would be 20k stake. So I wonder even if the number of pools will increase that much…

What risk? There is no slashing. You can sell your pledge any time. I don’t get that ‘skin in the game’ mantra…

Loss of corresponding pledge rewards is the risk here.

This “risk” (opportunity cost) is quite neglectable if you look at the calculator or all the saturated pools out there.

Everyone has a different version of “quite” :innocent:

Great point. I am a recently new small SPO (who cannot secure delegators) and while I don’t want to agree with you, everything you have said here makes perfect sense.

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Whats your pool Ticker?