Can Cardano ever be the #1 project?

It would be healthy for the blockchain industry if the projects in the top 3 changed regularly from time to time. Competition is good for technological progress. It would force teams to innovate faster, which would benefit users. Things that the entire blockchain industry has been waiting for years would be delivered sooner.

If you trust a project and it is useful to you, you should theoretically not care what position it is in. The obsession with market capitalization is strongly present in the cryptocurrency world and arouses a lot of passion, but in reality, it doesn’t matter that much. We believe that changing the order of the top 3 projects would attract media attention in the short term, but after a while people would get used to it and it would cease to be an interesting topic for the majority of the population.

Bitcoin is dominant and many believe it will remain so forever. However, if Bitcoin were replaced by another project, it would shatter some false narratives and we believe it would have a positive impact. People like to speculate about when Ethereum will replace Bitcoin in the top position by market capitalization. The chances are quite high. Can Cardano ever become the #1 project too?

We say up front that we don’t know and we don’t consider it important. However, we offer some interesting points of view.


Technological progress is gradually eroding the old narratives. It is common for current innovations to become outdated and conservative over time. What is conservative is often replaced by more efficient ones. It is necessary to abandon the old narratives and perceive reality. The number of users of DeFi services and tokens is constantly growing.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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