Can I buy ADA with fiat currancy without using an exchange?

I find it strange that the first step to acquiring units of a decentralised currancy like Cardano involves a centralised exchange site.
Is there any way of acquiring ADA directly from the Cardano network with fiat currancy?


Hello @uda2684

Yes you can. Usually it would be peer to peer transaction if you find some one who wants to sell you ADA. Also, you need to trust that person. You can use your PayPal or E-transfer to buy from individuals.

If you go on eBay and search under ADA “Mining” contracts you may even be able to use a Credit Card. They call them mining contract leases since they can sell service on eBay but they can’t sell crypto.

Keep in mind that price will be higher due to 10% to 14% eBay and PayPal/Credit Card processing fees as well as mark up. Here are some examples:

Centralized exchange is just easier and way cheaper, until enough people adapt crypto, then you’ll be able to get it anywhere. For now, not enough people have and use crypto in their daily life to warrant any investment into wide spread OTC exchange.


Also there is an automated way of doing the P2P fiat transaction, at lower but still significant markup: the Bisq DAO as a starting point, which is able to assure crypto buying with fiat based on an amount of Bitcoin kept in your account as collateral for all further transactions. Not much liquidity there (leading to a wide “spread” & further markup), mainly in Bitcoin with a bit of Monero, but then you can swap for ADA with a not-too-centralised & no-KYC service like Changelly (basic, not Pro):

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Ok, buy buying ADA from someone else sounds a lot more risky that using an exchange. Also, in essence it is passing the acquisition of ADA to someone else. It principle, then there are three ways:

  1. Converting fiat currency to ADA (via an exchange or P2P)
  2. Converting other digital assets (BTC, ETH, etc) to ADA (also via exchanges or P2P
  3. Earning ADA directly. I think this is the future for all crypto currencies: earning ADA (or other digital assets) in exchange for work. That’s when smart contracts are going to be very useful (or essential?).
    I’m no expert, so that this as my five cents.
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it will be a hell of a lot easier with smart contracts i believe

Strange this post got so few replies …

I don´t get it either …
Even the peer to peer needs someone to first use centralised exchanges to buy crypto to then sell it back to fiat.

I want to be able to send my EUR from my bank account to a personal EUR wallet. And then exchange to ada.

Why aren´t there decentralised exchanges or marketplaces where you can send your Fiat currencies to ?

How is the economy ever going to change without a solution to this ?

Still so many questions and I find no answers …

How should that work technically? You will always need someone running the bank account, where you transfer your EUR to and you will always have to trust that someone at least a little bit.

Sure, DEXes could offer that service, if they want to have the administrative, KYC, and tax hassle for it. They are not that decentralised up to now, anyway. But it won’t be that different from the exchanges we have now.

I’d love to have an on-ramp that does not also support proof-of-work chains and all the other not so nice sides of crypto, but, no, an interface to the fiat system is not possible without an interface to the fiat system, some centralised entity that you trust to deposit your fiat to and that you trust to give it back to you if you change back.

Should the economy change? How? Exactly?

If the people who for some reason believe that fiat should go for good are right, you won’t need exchanges anymore, because everything is done in cryptos and fiat currencies are gone.

If they are not, but cryptocurrencies will still be somehow successful, we will hopefully get more less shady exchanges in the future, maybe even your usual bank, which is probably more reputable than 90% of the actors in crypto space. But there will have to be exchanges that you will have to put limited trust in.

The “With cryptos you don’t have to trust.” is a pipe dream, anyway.


You are literally describing centralized exchange account.
That’s how it works. You send fiat money to your account on crypto exchange and then exchange it for crypto.

As long as you hold any fiat money like EUR or USD you are part of current centralized system. There is no way to remove EUR from centralized finance and make it digital before converting to crypto.

Crypto is not trying to change fiat economy. Crypto is trying to be an alternative to fiat economy. Since they are two different systems any interaction or bridge between them will have to include both sides.

The whole point of crypto is for people that do not trust or have access to current monetary system to be able to participate in global economy. The “trust” part is already lost in fiat, this is why crypto movement even exists. It’s not that you have to trust crypto like a blind sheep, it’s about not trusting fiat anymore. In crypto just like anywhere else in life you need to be careful and learn about the pitfalls this new system brings. Then you decide if you want to be part of one system or other (or in most cases some mix of both systems.)