Can Libra and Cardano Coexist?

I want to start this off by saying, please try to think about this from a real world application standpoint and not from a drilled down technical level. Also for the record I despise the idea of Libra and never plan to use it, I just want us to take an honest look at things.

Essentially Cardano and Libra are going after the same thing, trying to bank the unbanked, as well as just in general faster secure online payments with smart contracts. Now I get all of the advantages of Cardano, true decentralization like bitcoin, probably the most secure proof of stake protocol, smart contracts, and more scalable than most of its current competitors. I agree Cardano is 100x better than Libra. Now that this is said, lets move to real world application and real world people.

I see you’re new to the forum and have spent less than one minute reading. You might have had a quick look for existing threads on this before posting. To have multiple threads on the same topic helps nobody.


No libra will not coexist