Can someone give me a working for CNTOOLS setup?

I tried to make it myself but doesn’t like my (crontab +

Try to delete the shelley subcommand or replace it with Mary?


Let me check…

Try without that parameter … try just
cardano-cli query tip - -mainnet

seems like it worked, no output though


not sure the command to see

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That’s because we are not in shelley era anymore, and since Mary era is the current era u will not need to specify the Era

Still getting bad script isnt working

Hi !
This is the script I shared with you some time ago.
I updated it when 1.27.0 was released as the query tip command was changed at this time.
Updated code is available here:

Or better just change this line (to avoid needing to set your config in the header of the file):
customCurrentSlotNoString=$($CARDANO_CLI_PATH query tip --mainnet | grep -Po ‘“slot”: \K[0-9]+’)

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Thanks working great! Let me know if you create any other helpful scripts!

Have you seen this already? Block Producer - Failover Approach with a BP Standby

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looks interesting maybe i can try it on a arch processor since aws is super expensive on x64