Can VPS hardware mine block?

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I am choosing between VDS and VPS. VPS is way more cheaper. Can VPS still mine block? Thanks!

Yes but you will have to avoid VPSs that are not completely resident. Unless a Linux kernel is running 100% of the time, you will miss block production opportunities as well as suffer cascades of garbage collection that will cause further missed opportunities.

It sounds like only a crap VPS would do this but it’s a standard feature of the lower cost T instances of Amazon Web Services, which give you enough “credits” to run 10% to 40% of time on average, as you would need for the “bursty” needs of a web server. So on AWS you’d look for a general purpose instance instead, or one where you think the memory is sized better.

Also I have heard from SPOs some VPS farms, particularly Contabo, were using desktop hypervisors that left their resident systems without 100% continuous residency. The admins that provided evidence for this used the vmstat command to show that there were drop-ous in server availability, via the percentages in the last columns. Likewise you could use it to determine that your VPS was running continuously before you move your pool node(s) there.

Thanks @COSDpool . This is my output when i ran vmstat. Is it bad?

Looks good to me, as far as residency is concerned. The last 5 figures are percentages that add up to 100%: including registering 93% idle time which wouldn’t happen if your system were spending those intervals of time non-resident.

Thanks @COSDpool

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