Staking - question about hardware


Stake pool operators guide says :

“In terms of hardware, you should have the following available:
● 4 GB of RAM
● a good network connection and about 1 GB of bandwidth / hour
● a public IP4 address
Note that processor speed is not a significant factor for running a stake pool.”

I’m about to buy a dedicated hardware for running a stake pool. Would you say a better hardware with better specifications wins more blocks (Like not 4 but 8 or more RAM) or can the minimum mentioned parameters also be competitive? "



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Hello @Maciek

Unlike PoW, PoS does not have a correlation between compute power and the chance to win the opportunity to create a block.

So in short, no. “Better hardware” will not “win more blocks”

That said, your hardware needs to be reliable. If your node is selected to create a block and it doesn’t then your stake pool’s reputation will drop and less people will delegate to you, which will result in less opportunities to create future blocks.

The RAM recommendation is to ensure you can process the incoming network connections for maintaining your copy of the blockchain. As long as your node continues to do that and you create blocks when required, then the recommended hardware will put you on an equal footing with all other stake pools.

You just then have to get more people to delegate to you to be competitive over them. :grin:

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You can run a Pool on a Pi4 or RockPi without any Problems.

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