Hardware pool requirements

Hi there
I plan to build a pool, but I have fiew questions:

  • did staking pools looks like mining rigs - as more they are, as more faster and expensive they will go?
  • is that minimum requirements are good enough for operating the pool , and how long in the future can they work from this day?
  • for more profitable pool did I need more powerful hardware than minimum requirements needed?
    Did Raspberry Pi 4 8GB are good enough today, because in some sites I see minimum requirements, but there also was written like recommended 16 + GB RAM and 4 + core CPU witch cant be covered by raspberry pi?

for your first question, there is a k parameter in the protocol, which says, only 500 pools will produce the blocks for an EPOCH.

second point.
a pool for Cardanom Proof of Stake blockchain, will produce Blocks only in case the Pool has enough Active Stake and then the Protocol assigned it (pool) to produce it.
in a way, if you dont produce a block for a whole day, it would be no problem to the CArdano Network if you shutdown the systems for this day.

third point,
for more profitable pool you need more Active Stake.

The revenue from running a Cardano stake pool is not related to the resources of the machine running the node - it is related to the stake delegated to that pool. See → Cardano | Stake Pool Delegation

There have been memory improvements in Node 1.33.0 so for now it seems the memory, CPU and storage requirements seem stable for the near future. A baseline is probably around:

CPU : An Intel or AMD x86 processor with two or more cores, at 2GHz or faster
RAM: 12-16GB
Storage: 80G SSD

If you use a cloud provider you can easily add more resources in future.

You can indeed run a Node on a raspberry pi and there is an entire Cardano Alliance dedicated to this endeavor as well as optimising solutions to make the node run well on this SBC. Lookup the Armada Alliance. There are a few extra steps in order to get these nodes running well (GHC optimisation and ZRAM swap for memory amongst other things I imagine).

Thank you guys
Appreciated your answer
I am not a software engineer, network developer or something like that, like many of you, but I want to try. At first with small amount of cheap hardware, my knowledge and my ADA coins, and after that with correct team and powerful hardware if this works.