Can you upload video to cardano blockchain with Plutus?

I was sorting my music selection on Youtube and had to remove some videos because links were removed or some were no longer public.
First, I was “ah cmon youtube, let me at least download it”.
Yeah, I know, I can still do that, but still… its inconvenience.

Then I was like:

  1. What happens if you upload a video to the blockchain?
  2. How does one remove a video from blockchain?
  3. How to remove a video from blockchain?
    … slow down…
  4. Can you even upload the video to blockchain?
    Found this:

A few days ago I watched some Plutus tutorials which showed how to add text into some hashstrings.
So I think, theoretically, I should be able to upload the video to Cardano blockchain.

But how can I share it, where the video is stored?
Could we make a Video Platform in Goguen era?


No, the blockchain isn’t really meant to be a dumping ground for random data. What people usually do instead is upload a hash of the content to the blockchain along with a link to some decentralized storage system (such as IPFS) for where you can find the data. This allows you to download the data without bloating the chain and also verify the data is correct by comparing what you downloaded to the hash on-chain. There are some decentralized video platforms that already work like this (I think a few used Steemit for this back when Steemit was still a thing to be able to leverage its user rating system but not sure what’s popular nowadays)


Uploading video content or other potentially copyrighted material is a regulatory headache, so I think it’s fairly clearly something we want to avoid.

Shelley will include a feature that allows you to include some metadata in transactions. However, it has a size limit to avoid this sort of thing.

Plus, of course, you have to pay for transaction size, so even if were possible, it would be extremely expensive.

You may be looking for IPFS :slight_smile:


Yes, OP should definitely look at IPFS ( ) which was specifically designed for OP’s use case where as this is not a good use case for Bitcoin/ETH/Cardano or other blockchains.


Is there a good primer / tutorial / docs to using IPFS with Cardano?

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You don’t need anything about using IPFS with Cardano, you just need information about IPFS. One you understand IPFS, you just need to put the IPFS URI in Cardano TxMetadata .


Learnt something new. Thank you.

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