Cannot import wallet from Daedalus .015.1 to 2.0

Hello, I am trying to import a wallet from daedalus .015.1# to the new daedalus 2.0.

In Daedalus 2.0, when I click to add a new wallet there are 4 options, New, Restore, Join, and Import. Join and Import are greyed out and cannot be clicked.

I cannot find my seed phrase for this wallet, so I need to import it. I’m on mac catalina.

Any suggestions?

Edit: IOHK has informed me that it is a known issue. A future version of Daedalus will allow the import option, but this current version does not.

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I don’t know the answer to that, don’t know if anyone in here would. I strongly suggest you submit a support request at

Good luck!

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

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Problem is not solved still. Have the same problem. Import button is grayed out!