Cannot withdraw rewards from yoroi

Hi guys. I am trying to withdraw rewards from yoroi mobile app using my nano x via bluetooth. I keep getting this message “an error occured while trying to send transaction”. What is the issue? What’s the solution? Need help please. Thanks

Keep ledger live and cardano app open, then try to withdraw the rewards, should work… if not try latter … perhaps there are connectivity issues

If not try on PC - chrome yoroi extension then go to - add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger and try again to withdraw the rewards

Thing is I have my nano s connected to yoroi chrome and my nano x connected to my mobile. I’m at work so I have no access to my nano s at the moment. Same seed phrase same wallet but different model. Would I be able to connect my nano x to chrome extension or will I need to import seed phrase?

Connect the ledger x on and withdraw the rewards from there

Chrome will expect the ledger S and u will need to uninstall/reinstall the app

Ok, does adalite have mobile version or do you recommend chrome?

Hmm I think it has, but doesn’t allow bluetooth connections I think ( u can test it) ; try with chrome

Ok thank you. Also what I noticed earlier when I pulled up ledger live was that theres a firmware update . But I cant update on mobile version of ledger live. Have to wait till i get home to do it via PC. Do you think that may be the issue on why I am getting error on yoroi mobile for reward withdrawals?

TBH can’t be sure… but wait, there is no rush to withdraw the rewards right?

Small rush. Got into ada at very low price and was planning on buying something today

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Then, try from mobile