Reward withdraw - Something unexpected happened. Please retry

I have a nano S with yoroi. Now I want to withdraw my reward, and I get this message. “Something unexpected happened. Please retry.”

I’m use it Ledger latest apps, yoroi latest plugin.
Win 7, Brave.

I see that others have a similar problem.

I would like to know if I reset it to another wallet eg adalite, I will also get the existing reward?

Should I choose another wallet or try yoroit with another browser?

Thanks for the help

Yoroi does currently have some issues. Id recommand using in the meantime.

I know about the yoro problem and that adalit was recommended instead, but I did not receive an answer to the question about the reward …
I read that someone had a problem with this too and i don’t want to lose it

You dont lose your rewards when you connect your hardware wallet with a new software.

The keys are stored on your hardware device and the software is just here to manage your keys. Anything else is stored on the blockchain :slight_smile:


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