Unable to whitdraw my staking rewards using yoroi ledger wallet


Im trying to whitdraw my staking rewards whit ledger nano s but nothing happens. Only the “loading ring” keeps spinning and second tab opens where says ledger connect. On my ledger device says waiting for commands. Same problem when trying to send to another adress. I have latest versions of yoroi and ledger firmware.

Thanks already

Hey @Lami2709

Which browser do you use?




Hm yeah that should definitly work with chrome.

Did you already try to withdraw your rewards via Adalite?

If you dont feel safe to use another wallet than Yoroi, id definitly contact the Yoroi support about that case. Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano


Thanks for the reply.

I have already contact them. They replyed me about week ago and asked if i can send them the logs. I did send and havent heard since.
How do i get my ada to adalite wallet?

Simply connect your Ledger device via Adalite.io.

Can i also send all of my funds to another adress whit adalite?

Yes thats possible.

Ok. Thanks

Make sure your computer has been fully updated as this could be a driver issue. Also if you have ledger live opened in the background this can cause problems connecting to Yoroi

Have to check the updates