Ledger nano s restoring wallet - Yoroi Testnet staking on Chrome

Hello, can someone please help. I had a Yoroi Staking Testnet extension on Chrome which disappeared when I updated Chrome last week. I had set up a wallet on Yoroi using my ledger nano s. I have added the Yoroi extension back on Chrome, but when I select connect to a hardware wallet and follow the steps my ledger nano s will not connect. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks

Hello @jezmith68

Make sure you have your Ledger firmware and the Cardano app updated. Also make sure that there arent any other Yoroi extensions than the Yoroi Mainnet app.


Hello, thank you and yes that is done and have set up the new Yoroi ledger wallet. However, it is not allowing me to transfer the ada from my testnet account, instead instructing me to first log in to emurgo.github.io. I am now logged in to there. Now what do I do please? Thanks for your help.

Thats a normal popup and you can simple ignore it.
Id recommand you to claim your ITN rewards via adalite.io , its much cleaner. Check out that guide if you need help :

Thanks for the information, but Yoroi is not allowing me to transfer from my previous wallet. When I click on claim/transfer…Shelley-era wallet an error box appears ‘this action is not supported for the currently selected hardware’. What do I do please

Im pretty sure you cant claim your ITN rewards directly on your hardware wallet. You would have to make a new shelley wallet in yoroi (not connected with your hw), claim your rewards on that new wallet and then send your rewards to your hw wallet.

Fabian, it is not letting me get past that box… instructing me to ‘touch your security key’ which I don’t have and then I get timed out… gotta love this!

Ah sorry i didnt get that.

You might want to join here and ask in the Yoroi-Support channel for help : https://discord.gg/hcpWdv