Can't connect to network on Daedalus

Hello all,
For some reason I can’t connect to the network, therefore I can’t generate a wallet.
Please let me know if you have any idea on hot to get there.
Thanks you in advance.

PS: I connect to the internet via personal mobile

Hello! Can you please provide some more details with your report? Like:

  1. What happens when you launch the Daedalus?
  2. What does it show?
  3. For how long did you wait connection?
  4. What fixes did you already searched and tried?
  5. What logs show?

That would make helping easier. Thank you.

Give it a day, it usually resolves itself.

Best, Sean

Hi Vantuz,
Thank you for your reply.

  1. It tries to connect to the network, or at least that’s what’s written there.
  2. Until I get bored and close the software.
  3. None.
  4. don’t know how to read that.

Thanks again,

Hi Sean,
I ll check again tomorrow.

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This may not be a good enough connection to sync. If it’s too slow the sync will actually go backwards for some people because the chain grows quicker than your ability to download it.

hi cdufour,
I thought that this might cause the trouble
do you have any idea on what’s the minimum in terms of internet speed, in order to be able to connect to the network?

I don’t know the minimum. That’s a good question for the IOHK team. It should work over a normal connection though. You don’t need fiber or anything like that. Are you on a MAC or Windows?

If it is a Mac you can try:

Close Daedalus.
Open a terminal.
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Daedalus/Wallet-1.0
rm open.lock

No, its windows.
The proposed command opens an existing wallet?
The thing is that I need to open the app to create a brand new one.

That command is for Mac not Windows. It removes an open.lock file that can cause a connection to network issue. I think your issue is connecting via a mobile phone. I’d try to connect on a standard connection if possible.

If that’s the case than why did they built mobile apps ?


There is not a mobile app for the wallet to my knowledge, where did you download the app?

If you mean mobile apps in general, the issue is that Daedalus is a full node not just a Wallet, which can only be run on certain minimum setups. Once Cardano has the lite wallet out most, if not all, of these issues will go away. I downloaded the Ethereum wallet from the foundation website that is similar to Daedalus (not a lite wallet) so I could compare the two. Not only did it crash my computer but it filled up my hard drive. Lol… I spent 30 minutes figuring out where the Blockchain was to delete it. The lite wallet will not require you to download the whole Blockchain and run a full node.

don 't know if there is one for Daedalus,
it was a general assumption

thank you.