Can't import wallet (Guild operator scripts ./cntools)


My bech32 & cardano address is in /home/.local/bin/

You might want to ask for help here : Telegram: Contact @CardanoKoios

check inside the cncli script what is the path for both files and try to update the path
I’m not sure if cntools is still looking for the files on /.cabal folder

I dont see anything inside CNCLI.SH

omg, I wanted to say cntools, sorry;

I don’t see where in the file? Is it the script or nano

Still cant find it

I checked my relay and the files are located inside /.local/bin:

vmi438734:~$ cd /home/test/.local/bin
vmi438734:~/.local/bin$ ls -l
total 2387168
-rwxr-xr-x 1 test test   4502984 Jan 27  2023 bech32
-rwxr-xr-x 1 test test  19548864 Aug 17  2022 cardano-address

Chesck the permissions

Also I have bech32 package inside /home/test/.cabal/store/ghc installed

Try locate bech32-1.1.2

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I got it working from following the system link in .local/bin there was system links/shortcuts made from the bech32 and cardano-address in the ghcup store folder. I copied the files now it works.

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