Unable to import a wallet

Using CNTools, I am unable to import a wallet for my pool.
The initial issue was that bech32 & cardano-address were not downloading to .cabal/bin. After rebuilding the node multiple times with these two items missing every time, a friend provided the bech32 and cardano-address binaries to me directly.
I dropped both binaries into the /bin/ folder. After doing this, CNtools wouldn’t kick me out after selecting “Import” wallet, however now it keeps returning this:

We’ve changed the permissions

chmod 775 bech32
chmod 775 cardano-address

Rebuilt the node, installed 1.26.1 and upgraded to 1.26.2, copied the binaries over to the relay to attempt to import wallet there, still running into this same issue. I imported a different seed phrase from a different wallet just to verify it wasn’t the seed, and it is not.

What could be causing this?

EDIT: I’m reading through the cntools.sh file from the server. The only line of code I could find that seems like it is generating that response is this?



btw, these command line tools can be found in daedalus-wallet tarball package:

i am sure @Alexd1985 will help you out soon…