Can't send ada

Tried several times today, Jan 6. Hong Kong time, and my daedalus wallet wouldn’t let me copy the address from binance to my daedalus wallet. I can’t send or receive ADA. Why?

Also, the bittrex wallet is still disabled. It’s been that way for at least five days. Why?

Having the same problem here in California. Can’t send ada to binance arrrrrgggg!!!

Another member reccommended that i use the Control+C, Control+V keys to cut and paste instead of my mouse to cut and paste the binance address. for whatever reason that worked, but my mouse wouldn’t. at least i know i can send my ada if i want. hope that works for you. I was very frustrated last night. probably just hold now that i know the wallet works.

I’ve been trying to withdraw ADA from Binance for about two days now, it always say withdrawal suspended, network busy. Should I be worried?

Later: OK I’ve seen the other topic now, please ignore this.