CARDANO ADAption: How can you contribute?

I wanted to open this topic to every member of the community to share his/her thoughts about the adoption of Cardano as an economic platform for the world.

I see a great use case for Cardano to be used as a technology stack for the developing world. There is a strong alignment of goals between Cardano and the development banks.

In particular I can see how Cardano could be leveraged to build a range of apps around identity, credit scores and property rights.

These and many more areas are where Cardano could really create enormous value.

If you have ideas that could benefit emerging markets but may need some extra financing to roll out, please reach out and let’s discuss.

To be clear, I am not offering funding but I would like to help good projects find their way to the desks of decision makers.

I think there is a huge potential for development banks to consider funding pilot projects.


My favorite use case for blockchain is voting since everyone can look up their vote and data scientist can audit the entire election. If you want you can share your vote on the explorer with your social network. Sharing is the prerogative of the voter.

In addition to the government use case, voting smart contracts could also be used by business in an emerging market (and established markets) to build investor trust and corporate governance.


How technology is changing the face of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

The computerized database system was nonexistent at most of the branches of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) at the time I joined the bank. We used to calculate interest and prepare monthly transaction reports manually. The process was prone to mistakes and sometimes reports were delayed by several months due to data inconsistencies and difficulties in finding out where the mistakes happened.

Simple cash withdrawal process used to take up to 30mintutes. Compiling nonperforming loan data was a painstaking operation that required the formation of a project office of its own. Withdrawal used to pass through 5-8 people starting from helping customer fill forms, retrieving physical customer file, and ledger retrieval, and then authentication, transaction posting on the ledger, passing through internal auditor to check if all process has been done as per the rules and policy compliance and then authorize it for payment by tellers.

IT department was formed to handle automation projects to improve operational efficiency and thereby improving customer service hence contributing to the growth and profitability of the Bank. Out of total 150 branches, 5 branches in Addis Ababa were chosen for a pilot project of automation.

With the help of re-engineering and automation project, the bank was able to cut operation cost tremendously. The most significant part of change came in customer service improvement. From an average time of 30 minutes cash withdrawal time, some transactions were made possible to be done in less than 30 seconds enabling the bank to scale up operation and tap largely on unbaked society. The newly integrated computerized database system added service flexibility, accurate and timely report and operational scalability.

The strategic approach of using latest technologies for banking operation has enabled CBE to operate thousands of branches both within the country and abroad. Without computerized database system, it would not have been thinkable cutting cost and remain profitable let alone scale up operation.

Ethiopia’s new prime minister Masters Degree was based on cryptography, and last year Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the blockchain platform providers CARDANO to help the country adopt the technology and to help transform the economy of the country as a whole. This agreement made Ethiopia become one of the few countries that are ready to embrace the blockchain technology platform to transform sectors including banking industry use.

By being one of the early adopters of this new technology the Bank is now poised to become one of the largest commercial banks in East Africa in the coming few years.


Shouldn’t we be calling it ADAption? :wink:


Hi Ameha,

Thanks for the fascinating story how IT has evolved in Etiopia banking sector!

You mentioned the Memorandum of Understanding. Have you established a workgroup/team to study and develope the possibilities you could achieve by ADAption of Cardano or are you planning to build roadmap for this?

Great idea! Done!

This sounds like the type of project the development banks would support.

Has the government of Ethiopia approached the World Bank with a proposal?

ADAption of Cardano in Africa - Use Cases

Hi Marko,

Yes, I have a team of professionals consisting of accountants, bankers, lawyers, marketers, computer and electro-mechanical engineers that have been working with me for years. We have been working to find solutions to areas like secured and cheaper payment systems, fast and cheaper international money transfer solutions, fast, cheaper and reliable logistics solutions that would be supporting e-commerce platforms in Africa.

We have also been studying a secured and scalable social banking solution by adapting a system that has been existing there in East Africa and the Middle East countries for thousands of years.

I hope these projects would be of interest to Cardano project in Africa.


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Have you met John O’Connor, below is the link where the cardano effect has an interview with him. his twitter -account is

If I understand it correctly, though Ethiopia is developing country, its economy and population are growing in accelerating pace. Also for example Finland has development cooperation with Ethiopia worth 55 million euros in years 2016-2021. For example Finland is financing Reila ii -land administration project at the moment. John also talks in the video about possibilities of blockchain driven landregistry.

Ada_Fan mentioned World bank as a way to finance. Mayby development projects could be also the way to finance and boost the (Cardano)projects you have listed on your post.

I am personally not very familiar with development projects, but at least I do speak finnish and can deliver written plans about Cardano in Africa-Use Cases to Finnish foreign ministry. We have also embassy to contact at Etiopia:

Embassy of Finland
P.O.Box 1017
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone. +251-11-4704390

They say that China and India have been fastest growing econimies and the next is Africa. I hope prosperity and success for you on the projects!


Thank you for the very helpful resources, Marko.

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Ameha, my pleasure.

Thanks for all the info @ameha . It’s great to hear!

I’d be interested to listen to your story on any of the Cardano podcasts.

As for the topic. I think there is a huge potential in creating decentralized platforms like YouTube or Patreon. Many people got mad because of free speech censorship and bannings (Sargon of Akaad) and are actively seeking alternatives.

Make a platform, invite someone like Jordan Peterson and you become a billionaire overnight. Allow people to support what they like and reward content creators.

If you manage to get PewDiePie (personally not a fan but he is the biggest), you basically take over the market.

It would be good to explore how these kinds of services be hosted on Cardano. I can see how stake poos could eventually host content like that on CL… Latency issues won’t allow it to be hosted on every device probably.