I was trying to aplly for Cardano Ambassador but there was an issue with the for in section where i couldnt fill my details.


Please share a little bit more about yourself :slight_smile: โ€˜โ€™

I shared this here though am not sure if its the right place to do so.

Could you please tell exactly what error message you are getting?

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On Question 9 of the form โ€œ Please share a little bit more about yourselfโ€. There is no fild to type the answer.

Hello, @babaelliot

Thank you for showing interest in the Cardano ambassador program. Could you please upload a screenshot of the form shown to you?

Kind regards.

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Sure brother

That screen is not supposed to have a text field. You just click continue and the following questions are โ€œa little bit more about yourselfโ€.

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Thank you @HeptaSean understood.