Cardano and stablecoins will be the financial backbone of the futuree

There is nothing in the Bitcoin white paper that says the goal of the project is to make people rich. However, analysis of cryptocurrency holders shows that most people expect exactly that. Can an alternative financial world emerge from speculation? At this point, it seems unlikely. Algorithmic stablecoins will be a very important part of the financial future. They need decentralized smart contract platforms like Cardano to exist. They use native coins like ADA and deliver real use cases. Satoshi’s vision of an alternative financial world can come true through Cardano and projects like Djed.


  • Some cryptocurrency fans are its biggest enemies if they show people charts and promise the impossible.
  • The most appropriate technology for building an alternative financial world will be one that insulates users from volatility.
  • One day there may be more users of stablecoins than there are holders of volatile cryptocurrencies.
  • If people really care about decentralization, they need to start preferring it to financial speculation.
  • People need to start looking beyond the contents of their own wallets.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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