Cardano blockchain confirmation pending still 2 days why

I withdrawal cardano blockchain coin form exchange to exchange but cardano blockchain confirmation pending 2days why

Hard to tell without more detail.

Transactions on the blockchain itself take minutes, until there are enough confirmations that anybody would consider it done.

So, either the first exchange does not really send it out or the second exchange does not acknowledge that it’s done.

If the first exchange gave you a transaction ID, you can look at or similar services, if and when the transaction took place.

First exchange give transaction id :-


But this transaction id not show in cardano blockchain and exchange tell me blockchain chain confirmation pending

Yep, not there. If it does not appear on the Cardano network, the error is with the first, sending exchange. You have to contact them. They did not send it out.

First exchange tell me. The status is blockchain pending, meaning the coin has been sent out successfully by gate and the transaction is waiting to be confirmed by blockchain. It cannot be controlled by us. Please wait for a while.

I’d say, they are basically lying to you, there.

Don’t know if it’s malicious or the hotline people just don’t know any better and the tech people haven’t noticed the problem.

That transaction never hit the Cardano network and waiting for it will probably lead to nothing.

Can you please provide more details?

  1. Which exchange are you trying to send the funds from?
  2. Which exchange are you trying to receive the funds to?
  3. Did you make sure that you selected the Cardano network while transferring?
  4. Provide a screenshot of the pending confirmation.