Cardano Blockchain Victoria BC Meetup Recap

April 1, 2022

After a long hiatus, the Cardano Blockchain Victoria BC Meetup group held its first face-to-face meeting of 2023. We hosted a presentation from Color the Blockchain, who is in their own words:

“Color the Blockchain is a social impact initiative that provides refurbished computers and educational resources to underserved communities, with a focus on promoting sustainability and social impact in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. As we strive to empower marginalized groups, we recognize that basic needs like housing, food, and mental health support are vital to success. That’s why we aim to collaborate with the Cardano community to create a comprehensive social impact puzzle that fills in the missing pieces of sustainable equality. Through partnerships and community engagement, we can work together to bring not only tech and education but also other essential resources to underserved communities, creating a more equitable and inclusive world.”

It was a small gathering of local people, and we had a nice cozy conversation and two laptops were donated to help support Color the Blockchain and their campaign.

There were six attendees, and we were shown some videos of the projects that Color the Blockchain are working on and the groups that they are supporting. Half of the attendees are from Catalyst funded projects, and one person was a local venture capital investor that keeps a tab on the local Cardano happenings. Overall, a very fun event.


Welcome back, @xeeban, and thank you for sharing this recap :smiley:

Initiatives like Color the Blockchain are great, and it’s fantastic that you gave them a platform to share their ideas :open_hands: