Cardano can't be copiede

What’s the first answer that comes to mind when someone asks you what Cardano is? If you answer something like it’s a decentralized blockchain, you might be right, but only partially. Cardano, but basically any other public blockchain, has to be much more than just a piece of software with protocol implementation. The community, the team, fair token distribution, and many other details are equally important for the success of the project. These key attributes cannot be bought with VC money. Cardano is an open-source project. Anyone in the world can read academic studies or copy the source code. Yet it is not possible to copy Cardano. VC money can’t buy community or decentralization. Marketing and high TVL can never replace a loyal community and users for whom the protocol can change their lives.


VC funds try to buy time and trust with money. These attributes cannot be bought, so short-term speculators join VC-backed projects in particular. They will leave as soon as the VC funds sell their bags. If someone were to copy Cardano, they would find that they launched a half-dead project. No copy has historically been better than the original.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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