Cardano-cli minting error post vasil hard fork

Hi guys… hope someone here can help. I just can’t get the minting to work anymore using cardano-cli after the Vasil HF.

I keep getting the following error when trying to build a tx using cardano-cli transaction build:

Command failed: transaction build  Error: A script provided to witness minting does not correspond to the policy id of any asset specified in the "--mint" field. The script hash is: <policyID>

My --mint param looks like this (which used to work before vasil - I’m trying to burn and re-mint an NFT with new metadata):

--mint "-1 <policyID>.<assetName>"+"1 <policyID>.<assetName>"

(of course, <policyID> there just represents my actual policy ID/hash)

And the output of cardano-cli transaction policyid --script-file <my-policy-script-file> is exactly the same <policyID>. What am I missing?

How should I format my --mint param now, post Vasil HF?

cardano-cli manual isn’t very helpful in this case.

I have never seen burning and minting done in the same transaction for updating the metadata.

Perhaps, this was (erroneously?) allowed pre-Vasil and is disallowed now?

Thanks for your replies on TG! :pray:

Just posting an update here for those who might face the same situation in the future - what worked in my case is separating the burning and re-minting into 2 different txs.

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