Cardano competitor? Coda protocol

Hi guys, what do you think about this new project?
It’s getting a lot of attention for the promise of having a very small blockchain (22kB). They seem to use zk-SNARKS for PoS verification. Big players like Coinbase are funding this project.

It would be nice to see Charles Hoskinson opinion about it. What do you think?

I wouldn’t call them “new”, Charles mentioned them 1.5 years ago

Interesting thing about them is that they’re using Ouroboros Praos as consensus protocol (they call it Codaboros :smiley:)
IOHK are aware of zk-snarks technology and has been funding research of it already:

So I personally don’t see anything in their tech that cannot be or won’t be used in Cardano.


Nice, thanks for the sources. Do you know if there’re any plans to implement something similar regarding the tiny blockchain size on Cardano? Some people asked this to Charles but he didn’t reply…

Yes, they’ve been considering different solutions for that, to make Light-mode for Daedalus. But it’s not a focus for now as I understand


Great, thank you for the reference again, you are being very helpfull! Now it’s a bit clear to me. I’m curious to see when IOHK is planning to implement this kind of improvement. Maybe it’ll only take place after Voltaire…
Best regards!