Cardano-db-sync on testnet?


I am trying to build a db-sync on testnet for learning purpose. I am confused about the different testnet existing. currently in the repository the only config for testnet is


When i try to run db sync extended, i got the following error:

cardano-db-sync-extended: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = “Error parsing node config: AesonException “Error in $: key \“AlonzoGenesisFile\” not found””}

is it because the current testnet is not compatible? How do we know the difference between all tesntnet… Do we have a testnet running exactly like mainnet… are the current testnet is only for the new smart contract stuff…

Please direct me to explanation of this, it will be very useful. Thanks in advance.

That error is because you are using the master branch of db-sync which contains new features for Alonzo but you are connecting to a node that does not know about Alonzo.

For db-sync you should only use release tags, not master.

Thanks so much, it makes sense.
Which branch should I use? Any recommandation?

I suggested using “release tags”. the command git tag Will give you a list of them. Current latest is 10.0.1 but there are know issues about the reward table being incomplete. If you are just learning about db-sync that should not be a problem.

Thanks, I will try this out.