ERROR while syncing cardano-db-sync

Hi guys,

I am installing cardano-db-sync, the cardano node installed and fully synced … postgres installed also …
But while trying to run cardano-db-sync using this command :

cardano-db-sync-extended --config $CNODE_HOME/files/dbsync.json --socket-path $CNODE_HOME/sockets/node0.socket --state-dir $CNODE_HOME/guild-db/ledger-state --schema-dir schema/

i am getting this error

cardano-db-sync-extended: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = "Error parsing node config: AesonException \"Error in $: key \\\"ByronGenesisHash\\\" not found\""}

I did a lot of research … i got nothing … help is appreciated.

I am following this documentation :

Thanks in advance

Try to download the files from here

@Alexd1985 You are just the best man xD … using the latest config worked … I just needed to update the genesis files paths in config.json … thanks again

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the views i create in postgres disappear when i restart, any idea what might be going on? i’ve tried to create views using user postgres and my normal (superuser) one. everytime i restart the database they disappear. if i create a test database, all works as it should.

cntools startup scripts run through migrations, don’t touch default schema (called public). solution was to create a new schema. now my views do not disappear on restart.