Error in $: key \\\"ByronGenesisHash\\\" not found\

Hi there - I have followed the Guild Operators Guide to installing DBSync and have successfully restored the snapshots - I can access the database and perform queries on the data no problem - however when I try to run I just keep getting the error - cardano-db-sync: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = “Error parsing node config: AesonException "Error in $: key \"ByronGenesisHash\" not found"”}

I had not errors in setting up the database and all the prerequisites required beforehand and this is the final hurdle I am trying to get over. I have searched the forums and found some reference to this in the past which refers to the location of the config file and I have checked all this but still cannot get past this issue - any help would be much appreciated

This problem has been solved - downloading the latest env file fixed it

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