Db-sync Error parsing node config

When starting db-sync-extended

cardano-db-sync-extended --config $CNODE_HOME/files/dbsync.json --socket-path $CNODE_HOME/sockets/node0.socket --state-dir $CNODE_HOME/guild-db/ledger-state --schema-dir schema/

getting following error*

cardano-db-sync-extended: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = “Error parsing node config: AesonException “Error in $: key \“ByronGenesisHash\” not found””}

Not understanding why its attempting to query ByronGenisis hash… any help greatly appreciated.

Hi @nixada

This might be related to the EMURGO announcement. Please, consider subscribing to this account in order to know when the corresponding update is released.


@nixada I am facing the same issue … did you fix it by any chance ?

I just found the solution … The problem is, it is trying to access the key “ByronGenesisHash” in the config.json. but it is not found because that config.json is not the latest one.

I meant the one in /opt/cardano/cnode/files/config.json

Get the latest config file from here https://hydra.iohk.io/build/7654130/download/1/mainnet-config.json
and do not forget to update the genesis files paths in the file according to your setup

Good luck

Hi @ehab_aboshehab worked perfectly once I updated the hashes in my config.json thanks!

to anyone using Guild Operators setup guide the install scripts use a version of the config.json that leaves out the genesis hashes for the previous eras which was the source of this issue.

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