Cardano - genreal questions

Hello all,
I am trying to understand the cardano project a little bit bettter. Unfortunately, my background isn´t technical so it is rather difficult to go through the white papers and really understand it.

Please could someone share a good verified information regarding the below?

i) fixed fee issue - isn´t it possible to congest the network then if the fee is fixed?
ii) no slashing - found the whitepaper. Do you know about some other material on this? (maybe comparing other existing network with slashing/no slashing). I believe Algorand has also no slashing.
iii) account based vs eutxo - the impliciations for DeFi?

I´d very much appreciate if you could share any verified materials by the cardano community (doesnt mean it has to be positive for cardano just correct) on the topics above so I can learn a little bit more about the project.

I´d appreciate even more materials that are written like for 10 years old kid, haha.

Thank you all and I wish you all the best!
David :slight_smile: