Cardano is Cardano community

I am convinced that Cardano’s technology is excellent. Its design from incentives and its protocol from science, present the platform as the most promising in the crypto ecosystem.

But I am also convinced that technology “per se” is not enough if it does not fulfill the purpose for which it was intended, because the community in which it develops, like any ecosystem, is dynamic, has constant changes, and therefore must be adjusted in order not to lose its way.

Taking into account the social interaction of its members, a well-developed system can improve through good practices, but it can also deteriorate through bad ones.

The degradation of a system does not occur only with time; it requires a certain type of action.

The community conditions the destiny of a system, for better or worse.

If the community mostly works correctly, with the values established in the system and condemns the incorrect actions of some participants, success will be likely, on the contrary if negative actions reign in the majority, failure will be a reality.

I read a Twitter thread that exquisitely summarizes what I want to express. It was posted by a Cardano Foundation Ambassador , who, when asked about its inclusion in this article, said he agreed to the publication of his message, but preferred (humbly, in my opinion) anonymity.

1/6 WallStreetBets has shown that the fight against big capital is effective when the critical mass of a community is organized for a specific purpose. The same applies at Cardano. Don’t be influenced by those who promise to weaken large pool farms (eg exchanges) with more farms.

2/6 Personalism is the worst way to decentralization, and the worst medicine for any public blockchain. Cardano does not need one person to be successful. It only needs a community committed and aligned to its fundamentals.

3/6 The protocol itself isn’t Cardano’s greatest strength. What will make Cardano unique and unrepeatable will not be a replicable computer code, but a code of values pursued and accepted by its community, around the laws of protocol.

4/6 We must adhere to the explicit and implicit rules of participation that will make our network the most secure and reliable on the planet.

5/6 The latter will not be easily replicated in other projects and is what will ensure the absolute success of the project, and therefore, it is what will determine the value of the platform. Cardano will be unstoppable. It only depends on what we do around the protocol.

6/6 Do not confuse free competition with competition without conditions. There are many actions that benefit the project, but also many that threaten it. Delegators, SPOs, devs…, must know the explicit and implicit rules, and be custodians of something that belongs to everyone.

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Excelse tweet!

The foremost important point being the sixth for me.

“Competition is a sin!” said J.P. Morgan once upon a time… And it’s about time to end the world economic system cartel once and for all!

We shall pave the way for the future generations to live with scarcity, in all it’s domains, to be just a concept that used to rule the sovereign Humanity!

But it’s long gone; to the point that it doesn’t even figures in the Enciclopaedia Britannica anymore! Only the oral tradition kept it alive, so never we forget about the fight thats been fought! And never will we back to it’s imposed consent!

OH Brave New World!

Gracias @arielfavio !

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