Cardano Marketing Opportunity To Women

Traditionally the dinosaur financial system,the banks etc have been a man’s world with many huge disparities between salaries, opportunities etc between men and women.Just look at the percentages of men who own a cell phone compared to women as an example.In Africa and Asia,some of the areas Cardano seeks to revolutionize,women are the backbones of the community and family. I feel Cardano has a great opportunity to advance women in business, agriculture etc and this should be an important part of their initiatives.

This is a little old, probably not extensive and potentially wrong, but it gives an impression that probably roughly reflects reality.

I could be very wrong but it seems there is very little that could be done to generate organic interest in crypto, at least in certain markets.

Is marketing the solution? Or is the solution to equality more of a community movement?
Developing a culture of equality could be stronger than marketing, and it really starts with true commitment from members of the community - sure the organizations involved in Cardano can be committed to a fair approach to hiring concerning equality and they can set an example, but if it’s just those organizations that practice it then it all stop’s with them, and that is not going to bring equality around as fast as if it is a culture within our community, I like to think that women would be more inclined to be active in movements if they are just invited to be included, I actually have a Cardano story that proves my idea that inclusion can be effective.
Bear with me as I share this story as it is not finished yet, and I am also still processing it.

After developing a strong relationship with my wife we decided to have a big family, we discussed how this would happen and it was decided that I would be the breadwinner so that she could focus on raising our children, this was a compromise for her as she had developed her professional studies much further than myself - all of my experience has been hands-on, in some way our agreement removed her from the workforce and removed her from the equality conversation, since we met she has been by my side in all things to support our success together, at some point I decided she is much more intelligent than myself - why is it that I am pushing for our success and not her? I asked myself this all the time, I came up with an answer for myself realizing we both have different skills, I realized that while we build a family the difficulties for a woman to be a mother of babies and juggle a career is a huge tradeoff in a family, luckily for me she thinks Moms should raise their children, in any case… At some point, I realized that many people involved in blockchain were operating from a home office, I started to explore this idea of contributing to this new technology as a team with her, and once I decided to include her she adopted it and has been studying to understand how to be involved in the technical side of programming surrounding Cardano, awhile I ago I told her I wanted to attend the IOHK summit, now I think she is more excited that I am planning to go than I am, she probably even wants to be there more than I do (and I really look forward to it) to participate in the hackathon, had I not included and supported this woman in joining the space it is possible that she would never have adopted the language Haskell as a first programming language to learn, most likely no amount of marketing would have pushed her to work on developing the skills to program period, she has asked me a few times if there will be a remote learning program coming from IOHK as she observes the work in Africa, she hopes to further her understanding of programming surrounding Cardano, had I not intentionally included her, and supported her, none of these things would interest her, now she has plans to be involved, how she is going to juggle our children and programming… I do not know, but I can say that it all started by invitation.
I would like to invite everyone reading this to reach out and invite a woman to the Cardano ecosystem, to develop, build on top of known development, to raise awareness of the protocol, to encourage the players involved, to promote banking for the unbanked, to promote green solutions in blockchain development, or whatever other idea you can use to invite them to participate.

I hope my short story can inspire some of you to make an invitation to those in your life that might receive it, I will say… it took me several months to convince my wife that my invitation was real.:sweat_smile:


I realise this is a little off-topic but here goes anyway…

A while back there was a thread about women in blockchain. The OP here mentions the dinosaur financial system but some real dinosaurs came out of the woods there, saying women are biologically better suited to stay in kitchen and bedroom and so forth, I just hope this thread is a lot more rational. :crossed_fingers: It’s started well anyway. :+1:

Also, there’s this from Telegram just a few minutes ago:

Very interesting and thought provoking piece

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