Cardano Minting for Non-programmers

Where can I download the script to install on my computor so I can start minting Cardano?


Hey @phoenixone

I guess you are looking for “how to delegate”? You will need to download one of the offical wallets like Yoroi or Daedalus and then delegate your funds to a pool.

Check this thread for how to do so : Cardano Shelley: How to delegate from the YOROI wallet


Thank you for replying. I am not a technical person so ‘delegate’ could mean something different to me. I learned that the proper term to create Cardano coins is to mint them and not mine them. Presently I have three GPU’s mining Etherium and would like to use them also to mine/mint Cardano if that is possible but I do not have the mining/minting code for Cardano. Can you or anyone on this forum guide me?

Cardano is using a different algorythm than Ethereum. While they are currenty still using proof of work (where you are able to mine tokens), we are using proof of stake.

Here you are able to delegate your funds to a pool (block producer) and receive your rewards in the meantime.

Please read more here : Cardano | Ouroboros


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Short answer: You can’t mine Cardano coin.