Cardano Node 1.27.0 released - update procedure same as 1.26.2?

Please confirm if I can update with current 1.26.2 procedure.

I’d like to know also if there is a deadline to complete the update.

These are the release notes: Release Cardano Node 1.27.0 · input-output-hk/cardano-node ( I’ve seen them put migration related important stuff there, on this one I don’t so it should be a normal update I guess.

I have updated node and relays to 1.27.0 using CNTOOLS.

Update went smooth and so far no issues.

I created the topic minutes ago

Confirm, same for me

Same here, memory usage has definitely increased !

I’ve updated ok but my block producer has stopped exporting stats to Grafana. The prometheus exporter is up and running so not sure why its dropped. Any ideas?


Check the status of the node exporter service


Looks good

What statistics u are not seeing in grafana?

Everything from the block is missing, Relay is all good.

Block is up and running, processing Txs, connected to relay fine. Its strange

Check if the node expots the metrics

curl localhost:12798/metrics

Lots of metrics being shown

msg=“Data proxy error” logger=data-proxy-log userId=1 on grafana service on relay node

Now assuming the relay is the server… verify if the producer accept incoming connection from relay… on port 9091 or 9090 (can’t remember)

Yes, nothing has changed other than upgrading the code, FW rules have not changed.

very strange

It would appear the uptime stat is coming through, but nothing else

I don’t know… try to restart the node exporter… who knows

Ok, so its something to do with the naming, on uptime, the relay is called:

{instance=“localhost:9100”, job=“prometheus”}
and block is similar, but with BP IP address

The other fields have block-producer-1 and relay-1, but only relay-1 is showing stats